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Akash S. Yende
Phone: 9653194258
Email: yende.akash786@yahoo.com
Category: Student
About Me:
I am consider my self as a creative & passionate person in this art filed , I like to love capturing image , creative work or creating new ideas & i also love sketching every day. it's my pleasure to work in this filed

"PARISA" Photography Project It is rightly said that "If god made man just a little later than angels ,he must have made women his .very angles' our society has always sung hyms of heroism , of manliness, but have we really appreciated womanhood ? The beautiful qualities that reside in the heart and soul of women are priceless. She walks with grace, bestowing all the love that she has in here self to give . She is the symbolism of power strength and purity. her touch can convert coal to diamond , Brass to gold . Here is to celebrating the innate beauty of her as she with a golden heart and magical touch reside in the soul of every women around us. They can contribute enormously in the field of health care. Women education will also improve the level of sanitation and hygiene. As a mother, her role in the development of the emotional psychological aspect of the new born child has been also very significant. The philosopher's stone, or stone of the philosophers is a legendary alchemical substance capable of turning base metals such as mercury into gold .
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