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How does it work ?
                     www.arightbrain.in is a first-of-its-kind website featuring a variety of creative talents based in Mumbai.  Covering different areas like design, illustration, photography, calligraphy, typography, Ideation, art-direction, claymodelling, Paper cutting, 3D modeling, set-design, web-media, photo-retouching, vector-graphics, cartoon, caricature, copy-writing, exhibition display, character design, story-boarding and lots more.

Students & Professionals willing to show their talent to the industry can exhibit their portfolios on this website along with their contact details.

Advertising Agencies, Process Houses, Design Studios, Web Design, Animation & Film Production Houses, Publications, TV Channels etc, based in Mumbai, can surf this website so that they can search for the required talent available in all these creative areas.

This Website is an Initiative by Asmita Applied Art Academy to promote the Art Students, Freelancers and Budding Professionals to Showcase their Talent. For more Details and Queries,

Contact :

Ashish Gandhre : 9820978202
Email ID : arightbrain.portfolio@gmail.com
Asmita Applied Art Academy : 022-24363788
Website : www.asmita.co.in

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